name: Tanisha
DOB: 08/03
AIM: x misha says x

THINGS I LIKE <3//bracelets, dancing, swimming, kisses, pretty clothes, food, sweets, laughing so hard my stomach hurts, boys, photography, cute laughs, suprises, sunny days, QUOTES, good music, considerate people, my friends, clear skin, interesting people, cute little shoes,honesty, songs with meaningful lyrics, singing at the top of my lungs, fist fights, starbucks,

THINGS I DONT LIKE//rude people, homophobes, shitty music, sand in my shoes, liars, papercuts, people who will do anything to get what they want even if it hurts other people, people who think that their always right even though their NOT, racists, bad spellers

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what's team spirit, when you've got good looks


sickness was fixing me some
coughed out my heart on the last stall
now that the damage is done,
I never miss it at all.

        i would be lying if i said that things would never get rough and all
        this cliche motivation, well it could never be enough.  i could just
        stand here  all  night  just trying  t'o convince you but what good
        will that do? my offer stands +'you must choose. thespillcanvas


 you  said  you would be  my dream 
 i   could   have   you    every   night
 and if by morning,  i'd forgotten you
well  no big deal,  that'd  be all  right
'cause you're the reoccuring kind


 lets just drink to get drunk &&
tell each other everything 'cause    
a drunken mind speaks a sober
heart && im willing to spill it <3


                                      just keep your voices down
                                      can't you see these other people
                                      trying to sleep in this town
                                      and you still get your thrills from
                                      coffee and pills and complaints
                                      about the noise I make

then i found a broken heart
that dusty, wheezing thng wont start
ill fix it up and watch it grow
and send it to a happy home


keeping tempos with our without our clothes
as we composed what we love to compsoe
do you see the way his eyebrows arch?
imagine what his back can do?

                         imperfection is beauty;madness is genius.
                      & its better to be absolutely ridiculous than
                             absolutely boring. --Marilyn Monroe

   you want the truth about the truth:
                          it hurts ;; so we lie
         & people always turn out to be
     who they promised they wouldn't

knowing is better than wondering,
waking is better than sleeping,
and even the biggest failure,
even the worst, beat the hell out of never trying.
_____ grey's anatomy 

 && your lips, they don't lie as much
when  they're  pressed  against  mine


so let my hands stray past
that boundary of your back
to get you breathing
& get this started.


"So, I guess we are who we are for a list of reasons. And maybe we'll never know most of them. But even if we don't have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them."

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for all of this, im better off without you


"you just realize who's worth it and who's not.
make sure you hold on to the good ones"


when all my friends have changed...
I'll look to myself, I don't care
i'll make it on my own - Name Taken


                        Its's sunny  with   a   high
                        of 75,   since you took my
                        heavy heart & made it light
                        and it's funny how you find
                        you  enjoy  your  life when
                        you're  happy  to  be alive


           i had a beautiful, beautiful time
          and you have a beautiful beautiful smile
          the way it curls and collapses on your lips
                             when you touch me, i shake like a child
                         its so DISTRACTING. always thinking of you. - Bright Eyes


from the first minute i saw you,
i knew i wanted to fool around with you

- that 70s show


               and you ask me what i want this year
                  and i try to make this  kind & clear
      just a chance that maybe we'll find better days.
           cause i don't need boxes wrapped in strings
                   and desire and love and empty things
      just a chance that maybe we'll find better days


so whisper softly & don't forget to tell me
how you feel in five words or less.

                    my heart will break my ribs
                              if i hold this in
                              i must confess
                                i need you


you try to avoid her, fate is in your hands                        
she's smiling, an invitation to the dance                             
   her heart is on the street                                            
now you're falling at her feet                                         
you try to get away but you can't     


there must be an angel, with a smile on her face
when she thought up that i should be with you.


Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn't drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, "It is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver


          as pretty as a car crash
just another modern swinger singing
              "catch me if you can" with
a cigarette in hand and it's love.
                     it's heavy, and it hurts. its love.


   hands are shaking cold
your hands are mine to hold




Currently listening to: Tiger Lily
Stories and Alibis
By Matchbook Romance

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its too soon for me to say forgive

hopeless love, why did you carve your home in me?
this broken heart is too weak to hold your weight <3

i wish i came with a warning
label me: weak. i'm begging you.
and i'm the best with bad news,
bringing liars to their knees.

&& i don't even trust myself
and you can pull my wings apart
and pin me down under glass
until the end of days.

"I just don't feel the same way i did..."
he's trying to make sense.
he's trying to justify what he's saying and somehow
make it okay.
but all the excuses & all the pity smiles he will give me
from today on...

"all you need is love" is a lie 'cause
we had love, but we still said goodbye
now we're tired battered fighters.

i never wanted to lose you.
but a cold heart is a dead heart
and it feels like i've been buried alive by love.

and i'm so overwhelmed
everything that rests upon my shoulders fell
i would like to tell anyone who has to depended on me for themselves..
i'm sorry.

Oh, its a picture of perfection
and the postcards gonna read
fuck yeah we can live like this
we can live like this...

I'm writing love letters
who's too cute for words
with a mind that could
crush a young girl's heart.

and i'd run there  ;
but my knees are weak
and my body needs to be
close to you sometime soon

any moment might be our last.
Everything is more beautiful because we're doomed.
you will never be lovelier than you are now.
we will never be here again.

it's breathing down your neck;
           you know
  you've got to let this go
  you're such a wreck <3
  & now it starts to show

i remember driving in your car
the speed so fast it felt like i was drunk
city lights lay out before us.
your arms felt nice wrapped around my shoulder
and i had a feeling that i belonged.
i had a feeling...i could be somebody.

the things we never said...
but we always knew were right there.
it's got me on my knees in a bathroom
praying to a god i dont even believe in.
"dear jesus, are you listening?
if this is the one chance that really matters...
dont let me fuck this up"

let's talk about spaceships.
or anything.
except you and me

she said, if i loved you
and knew that you loved me
i would turn heaven and earth upside down to find you
no, he said. no one loves that much
and yet, if i loved you, i would move mountains
if they kept me from you <3

keep that sweet heart of yours
    i'll be right here

i traveled east -->
&& i traveled west <--
and i found a boy..
with a heart on his chest
i ran a ground ;;
my ship left to rust
yes, i found a guide
in the city of lust.

things i ask myself, i ask myself
do you know what you're getting yourself into?
i'm getting into you
because you got to me
in a way words can't describe
i'm getting into you
because i've got to be...
you're essential to survive

did i think too far ahead for us?
did i give you a part of me too soon
must i have regrets?
if i lose you i don't think that i could go on
i don't think that i could go on without you
is there more that you have to say?
could you be content just to have me
maybe we'll get through this

have you ever seen someone..
and known that they owned you
before they even spoke.

i mean a little more than the sounds
that escape your tired 4 AM lips

Currently listening to: Forgive
This Is Reina
By Reina

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i'm outside of your window...

I don't think anyone would believe me
If i tried to tell them who I've become

ten bucks says you'll be crawling into
bed with me..putting your hands where
they dont belong. and ten bucks says you'll
be putting your lips where they dont belong either
but ten bucks says I wont say no.

give me one more drink
and i swear...i'll be ready
to make the same mistakes
with you again.

a thousand miles seems pretty far
but they've got planes & trains & cars.
I'd walk to you if i had no other way
--Plain White T's

gorgeous can never touch you
and words just couldnt describe

so think of me, while i think of you
& we can think ourselves somewhere different

when i close my eyes
and wonder where you are
and you wish upon a star
three thousand miles doesn't seem so far.

another night...
another dream
but ALWAYSyou

here comes the cold
break out the winter clothes
and find a love to call your own
- John Mayer.

i miss you terribly
this is what we call a tragedy
come back to me..
come back to me.
- From First To Last

it might be fleeting
but its ours tonight.
you might be lonely..
but i'm still by your side
you might have to leave..

so thanks for your help
you shine so bright
you are the star thats in my sky
and i am yours and you are mine

i like the freckles on your chest
and i like the way you like me best :O)
- nickleback

do i have to spell it out for you?
or whisper in your ear?
oh, just stop right there
i think that we've got something here
- The Spill Canvas

On the scales of desire
your absence weighs more
than your presence
so i thanks
we're both self-centered,
but the world revolves around us
at the same speed

i'm hopefully hopeful,
that you're just hopeless enough

Posted at Sunday, September 18, 2005 by xblackstar

finally an update :O)

wow has it been awhile. so let me just start by saying sorry to everyone who has been waiting around for an update. my internet has been broken for like everrrrr. and i finally got it fixed, plus i got a laptop for my birthday! which is pretty awesome, but it means that i have no quotes on here as of yet. hopefully though i'll build up a huge collection like before. umm lets see what else. um i probably wont fill any requests that have been left, sorry :O( actually i probably wont fill requests ever, i hate them lol. but if its simple then i can probably search around, but if your going to ask me to look for quotes to describe ridiculously complicated emotions chances are i wont do it but i will try to direct you to a place that will have what you're looking for :O) okay so now for a couple quotes!

 there exists a  melody 
that might just change your mind
 if i only knew the key
to sing to make you mine

like the time when the clock read                11:11
& you said "make a wish",          so i wished
that we'd never     go our        separate ways    or
say   a  thousand bitter things...   but    now   i
see that  wishes arent                
worth   anything.

this is how he will keep her pieces....
she's a keeper
-Northstar * some words changed*

&& besides; your probably holding  hands
with some skinny, pretty girl that  likes to
talk  about  bands  and  all i  wanna   do  is
ride bikes with you; and stay up late     &&
w a t c h c a r t o o n s <3
-The Moldy Peaches

perhaps we all give the best of our
hearts uncritically to those who
hardly think about us in return

i'm not as dumb as you think i am.
i've learned a thing our two
i don't care about nothing at all.
but i think the world of you </3

'cause it's a verb
to love someone.
to open up & let them in.

"love is a mind field. you take a step, get blown
to pieces, put yourself back togethr and stupidly
take another step. i guess thats human nature.
it hurts so much to be alone that we'd all rather
blow up than be single
-Love & Sex

shake down, you make break, for goodness sake
I think I'm on the edge of something new with you.
shout out, don't drown the sound, i'll drown you out,
you'll never scream so loud as i want to scream with you

I know I'm . n o t . you're favorite record
the songs you grow to like never stick at first
-Fall Out Boy

a stack of mixtapes brought me closer
& i know that i's a modest melody
that sent you out to find the perfect girl
but i found you crashing into me.

and you could find another love,
another girl to take you on
but she wouldnt want you half as much as this.

i want to burn the letters that i wrote you.
over the phone today i could feel you fading.
you're losing interest and ready to leave.
and i'm here pretending you were sent to save me.

like tripping over love in June, or singing just to make it through
i know when i've had enough of you
you're wasting all my time, my precious time.

back then when you were dressed up as
some kind of true friend, you taught me
how to lie for you, cry for you, get drunk
and get high off you. and you never asked
how i felt. but still i'd rhyme for you, shine for
you, lay down and die for you.

if i could bottle up the chills that you give me
i would keep them in a jar next to my bed
-Maroon 5

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beating hearts baby

ok, it might be awhile before i start filling requests for quotes. but i'll be updating more regularly now.

often it is the most deserving people who
cannot help loving those who destroy them

over and over again, i'm so useless

i just figured if my heart stopped
beating; it wouldn't hurt as much

i'll be there and i'll try to identify, try to look
through the grey skies in your eyes. I'll pick
up everything you left behind; I'll be there
painting the town your favorite color <3

just want to feel you tonight.
making sure the moment's just right.
I could die just staring in your eyes.
I just wanna feel your heartbeat.
Hold you even closer to me....
Fall asleep with you right by my side

turn me inside out and
make my heart speak
don't want no one else
You're [all]      I need

the truth is we hide because we want to be found
we   walk  away  to   see   who   will   follow
and we cry to see who will wipe away our tears

and her eyes screamed the saddest
anyone has ever heard

you're a terrible singer
but i love this song </3

I know you have a heavy heart,
I can feel it when we kiss <3

scatter me across the sky, I'll shine all night
and just like a  s t a r  i'll fall for you

keep your head up, your colors are beautiful
when they say give up, just turn up your radio

these promises wont turn gold
until you touch them

i've grown tired of holding this pose
I feel more like a stranger each time I come home
So I'm making a deal with the devils of faith
saying, let me walk away, please

life is too damn short and fucked up to go
through silently loving someone and never
telling them how you feel. fuck the consequences,
fuck the implications of the actions. to hell with it all.
whatever happens as a result is better than the nothingness
that is inevitable with silence. - Janis Joplin

my heart's breaking. man you really ripped it out

cross my heart, hope to die
I swear I wont say,
what happened that night

you get me out of the rain, you get me out of my clothes
you hope i don't make a sound, you hope that nobody knows

Posted at Sunday, June 05, 2005 by xblackstar

pooopie :-(

hey guys i know your all waiting for an update :-( and i understand that and i promise i will get around to it soon, but ive been so busy with school and everything, especially with my regents coming up :-x i really need to actually crack down on my studying lol. but i promise when i get free time, i will deffinetly have an update for you. but deffinetly keep checking back :o) because you never know when i might find some free time ;-)

Posted at Thursday, May 26, 2005 by xblackstar
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slowly filling requests :0)

heartbreak/missing someone quotes for mrs. bert mccracken

does it hurt when you think about
me and how broken my heart is - yellowcard

and your eyes light up when we talk about
the past. god i miss those songs we used to sing

tonight i will stand in the light so you can
count all the tears that fall from my eyes
this time i will be alright
my heart can't get any worse - The Starting Line

i'm falling into memories of you
and the things we used to do </3

if i die you can sell my organs.
but i dont recommend the heart
          it's broken

saw a man in the movies,
that didn't have a heart,
how i wish i could give him mine
then i wouldn't have to feel it breaking all apart
and this emptiness inside would suit me fine

a heart can be broken; but it keeps beating just the same - Fried Green Tomatoes

will someone please call a surgeon
who can crack my ribs and repair
this broken heart that you're deserting
for better company? - The Postal Service

i search my chest for anything at all
that resembles my heart

no, i don't wanna fall in love
this world is always gunna break your heart - HIM

it's times like these that I miss you most
remembering when we were so close - Mest

you never know just what you have until
you get it yanked out of your chest - Saves The Day

i just want to talk to you. my broken heart
has no use. i guess promises are better left unsaid - Ashlee Simpson

there are two things in life that should never
be broken: promises and hearts.

the only thing worse than a broken heart,
is knowing you would give him a second chance

there are so many things i'm not sure of in life,
but with all certainty at this very moment,
all i know is that i miss him.

i miss you: not enough to want you back
but enough to make it hurt

Posted at Wednesday, May 04, 2005 by xblackstar
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AHHH. so i just got back from California and wow was it amazing. i'm hoping to update soon as soon as i get enough quotes compiled to make a good post. :0)

and oh...Kristin. First of all....the typo your referring to, im pretty sure is from my earlier entries, when i didn't really listen to Dashboard and i was just getting quotes sent to me from friends. second, forgive me if my mispelling of Dashboard Confessional left your world spinning on its axis. it is a mistake i will make sure, never to let happen again.(please be sure to note the sarcasm here) and oh yeah, for future reference, calling people honey is only cute when their grandmothers are doing it. try to get it right next time :0)

Posted at Saturday, April 30, 2005 by xblackstar
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where all you hope for is another
where night belongs to lust and lovers
and i am here to win you over
you will be mine this year

He's everything in summer dreams that fills your head with smiles.

because i've been feeling sentimental for days gone by.. all those summers singing, drinking, laughing, wasting our time. remember all those songs & the way we smiled in those basements made of music? but now i've got to crawl to get anywhere at all. i'm not as strong as i thought. so when i'm lost in a crowd, i hope that you'll pick me out. oh, how i, i long to be found. - bright eyes

summer's filled with breaking the rules & standing apart,
ignoring your head, & following your heart

i still recall every summer night like it was yesterday; the times would NEVER END & my friends were family. nothing mattered more than the LOYALTY we had.

i need the smell of summer, i need its noises in my ears. - brand new

I'm not asking for anything
I don't want it to end this way
I hope this summer lasts forever

Stars prick their bed of pink
Bleeding blue
Find there way to you eyes
As I stare into you
My heart beats away in the twilight
This is the first of our summer nights

There were moments I wasn't so sure
And there was someone who came out of the blue
You made me feel like flying, and touch the sky
You made me see the world with my own eyes
When the daylight fades, on a summer day
All I ever wanted was you

summertime summertime
back to thinking you were mine

 we   would   hide  from   passing  cars
and we would have the summer stars


Posted at Sunday, April 24, 2005 by xblackstar
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